DIY Anthropologie Inspired Twig Necklace

photo 2

My Husband thought I was crazy when I said I was going to make a necklace out of the twig I picked up off the ground when we were out walking the dog last week.  I saw this necklace on Anthropologie and thought it was super cute.  As usual I thought I could make it instead of buying it. Turns out it is actually really easy and really economical to make necklaces out of twigs! Who knew?

Here is the list of materials you need to make your own Anthro inspired twig necklace.

A twig

Thread – cheap thread works fine and I had a multi coloured pack for those quick fix times

Gold wire

Gold jump rings

Silver chain

Mod Podge or other clear drying glue


Once you have all of your materials start by making a little loop with the wire so you can attach your jump ring. Once you have that just wrap the wire around as tight as you can until you are happy with how thick it is. I just tucked my end pieces in at the end but if it is easier you could also use a little glue at the end so it doesn’t unravel.


Next comes the thread. This part is really easy. Just add a touch of Mod Podge to the stick so that your thread doesn’t unravel. Wrap the thread around and around until you have the thickness you want. Each time I wanted to switch colours I used a bit more Mod Podge (just a tiny tiny bit) and then used a clothespin to hold it while it was drying before I started the next colour.


Once you have all of your colours on there you can go ahead and add the jump rings and the chain.

almost finished

That is it!

finished 1

I also had another twig from our walk that I thought had really pretty colouring so I decided to make that one into a naked stick necklace.

finished 2

Hope you like them!



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