DIY Faceted Gem Mouse Pad

My mouse pad finally kicked it. I have been seeing a few mouse pad makeovers lately but mine was just too broken to rehabilitate plus I wanted one that was different than the normal circle or rectangle. So here is a tutorial on how I made myself a new one.

mouse pad 1

This is actually a really easy and inexpensive DIY although it is a bit time consuming waiting for the paint to dry.  Here is a list of materials you will need to make one.

A piece of craft foam – I bought mine at Michaels for 99 cents.

A piece of paper and a pen

An exacto knife

Painters tape

Paint in 3 or 4 colours. I used Martha Stewart’s all-purpose paint in gold, light pink, dark pink and then mixed the gold and light pick together for my 4th colour.

A can of spray sealant, finishing coat or shellac (whichever you like best for finishing your surfaces)

Step 1 – Draw out your shape. I wanted mine to be asymmetrical.  Start with the outline of your shape. I gave mine 7 sides. Then on the inside connecting at one point I made another 4 sided shape.

drawing step 1

Step 2 – Connect the dots.

drawing step 2

Step 3 – Cut out your shape in foam using an exacto knife

cut out

Step 4 – Tape off your first triangle and paint on the inside. Because I wanted all the colours to touch instead of having a tape line in-between I had to take my time and let each colour dry before moving on to the next one. This part of the project is good to do while doing something else. I did laundry but whatever chore you feel like needs to be done.


Once it is all painted you can coat it with your sealant. I gave mine about 4 coats so it would last.


That’s it! Hope you like it!


17 thoughts on “DIY Faceted Gem Mouse Pad

  1. I need a mouse pad really badly, it’s been driving me crazy and I LOVE this one. Weekend project?!?!? I think yes! Thanks for sharing this :)

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